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Law Offices of James P. Reddy, Jr.

At Law Offices of Joyce E. Barrett, our attorney provides experienced representation for a broad range of divorce and family law matters in Ohio.

Joyce E. Barrett, of counsel has beenfamily law specialist and a frequent legal education lecturer on family law topics and is often in demand among fellow legal professionals as well as with individuals looking for quality advice and representation. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Law for 30 years at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.

James Reddy Jr. has more than 35 years of family law experience, has handled hundreds of cases, and has assisted at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. For more details about our attorney’s backgrounds and qualifications in family law, follow these links:

The Law Offices of James Reddy Jr., has been the firm of choice for thousands of individuals and couples in family law cases over the years. Our attorney draws on decades of experience with the family law courts of Ohio and has a broad knowledge base when recommending the best course of action in a divorce, a custody dispute, or another child-related matter.

They have demonstrated their ability to spot problem areas within a case that require special attention and because of their experience can provide guidance learned from similar situations.

The Experience and Knowledge You Want

Our lawyer has many accomplishments and many favorable case outcomes for too many clients to count. Joyce Barrett was the lead attorney in three cases that went before the Supreme Court of Ohio and resulted in significant changes in the laws of this state. James Reddy Jr. was instrumental in developing many elements of how courts determine child support in the state. Fellow lawyers often ask to work with them due to their substantial experience and expertise.

Business owners, professionals, and people from all walks of life whose divorces will involve complex issues turn to the Law Offices of Joyce E. Barrett for real family law solutions. Potential clients seek out the firm on the basis of strong referrals from others.

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