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Are you concerned about the decisions and legal processes that lie ahead of you as you approach a divorce after a long marriage? Do you worry about how you will support yourself after giving up your career and devoting years of your life to raising children?

Whatever your unique circumstances, you are right to search for a lawyer who will stand strongly beside you and help you pursue a fair outcome.When new clients contact us, they are often approaching turning points in family life.

At Law Offices of James P. Reddy Jr., we can help. Our attorneys know Ohio divorce and family law.

James Reddy Jr. has 40 years of practice experience with family law matters.  We have earned a strong reputation with prior clients and legal professionals throughout Ohio, and this reputation can assist in resolving your matter efficiently and cost-effectively.

Get the Experienced Advice You Need for Your Divorce or Custody Case

High-conflict divorces and those involving substantial assets often call for experienced representation. Our attorneys have significant experience in resolving high conflict cases including:

  • Property division in divorce

  • Determination of spousal support, child support

  • Business or professional practice valuations

  • Development of shared parenting plans

  • Other family law matters

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Whether you need a real estate appraisal, valuing a family business, close corporation, professional practice, or a forecast of occupational trends in support of your request for spousal maintenance, we have the necessary resources to assist with your situation.

Experienced Representation for Complex Family Law Issues

Clients who are facing complex property divisions and those in need of modifications and enforcement of court orders find the guidance that they need at our firm. Our lawyers help you navigate high-stakes issues appropriately to their individual circumstances.

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We offer full-service family law services, encompassing prenuptial agreements, divorce, custody, support, paternity, and stepparent adoption. We proudly serve those in Cleveland, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. To reach our law offices, call us or email the firm for a prompt response.

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